What sets New Energy Blue apart? What makes us the one horse to ride in the biomass refinery segment?

The right people, partners, process, products, projects, and plan.

Our people and our partner companies have deep financial and green energy knowledge, with specific expertise in engineering, cellulosic science, marketing, agriculture, and business and project development.

Through Leifmark, a company we merged, we have access to the Inbicon Biomass Refinery technology, enabling a high – efficiency process that turns biomass into high – value, low – carbon renewables. At a cost of $200 million over 15 years, Ørsted repeatedly proved and fully developed the Inbicon process, completed the first Inbicon Biomass Refinery at Kalundborg, Denmark, proving scalability of the technology, operating at commercial scale and optimizing the refinery process for 5 years.

New Energy Blue has a growing portfolio of commercial projects, each designed for 1) investment – grade returns, 2) exceptionally low-carbon processes and products, and 3) long-term, sustainable operations. Each will create financial, societal, and environmental rewards. And each will bring nature’s carbon cycle and agriculture’s seasonal cycle into harmony at last.

At the heart of each project is a plan to use our knowledge and expertise to turn a great cellulosic technology into a great cellulosic business.