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Healing the planet’s atmosphere is a pretty straightforward proposition. Basically, we stop burning fossil fuels to produce energy for electricity, heat, and transportation and replace them with renewable energy such as wind, solar, and biofuels.

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4 reasons why an oil and gas magazine calls us “revolutionary.”

Nov 30, 2023

Since New Energy Blue aims to replace oil refineries with biomass refineries, we were properly perplexed when the British magazine Energy, Oil & Gas contacted us during the summer and proposed tea, biscuits, and an interview with CEO Thomas Corle.

Originally, they explained, their title was just Oil & Gas. “Energy” was given first position to reflect the role renewables is now playing and the changing interests of the publication’s 102,000 international online subscribers.

We expected cursory coverage, nothing like the dramatic eight-page editorial treatment unveiled in EOG’s November 23 issue. See for yourself, starting on page 44.

Or start with these four ways we’re earning our revolutionary epaulettes.

  • New Energy Biomass Refineries will be the first to convert harvest leftovers into a liquid biofuel and a bio-solid at large commercial scale—and do it sustainably.
  • Unlike oil refineries, our biomass refineries use raw materials that are grown and harvested rather than drilled and extracted. So our carbon is drawn from the air and recycled instead of added to the planet’s troubles.
  • Unlike the kernels of corn used to make conventional biofuels, our raw materials are the straws and stalks left behind in farm fields after the annual harvest.
  • Our first five biomass refineries will keep over 1,000,000 tons of greenhouse gas (CO2) out of the atmosphere.
  • Our first 50 biomass refineries will produce 2,000,000,000 gallons of lowest-carbon energy for fuels, chemicals, and plastics.
  • Virtually anything now made by refining oil can someday be made by refining biomass using our process and technology.

Okay, so that’s six. Read even more about how New Energy Blue is staging a remarkable revolution in renewable energy.

And share this with any friend who’s been discouraged about the pace of global warming and the scarcity of real-world solutions in the transportation sector and plastics industry.

Wave your flag. The revolution is real. And it’s now.