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Healing the planet’s atmosphere is a pretty straightforward proposition. Basically, we stop burning fossil fuels to produce energy for electricity, heat, and transportation and replace them with renewable energy such as wind, solar, and biofuels.

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Story about plastics made from corn stalks grabs 3 times more attention

Jun 4, 2024

Dow is a great partner for helping us get out the sustainability message. Time and again, their stories engage viewers, readers, and listeners eager to know how crop waste is converted into renewable fuels and chemicals—including green polyethene for plastics.

Recently we learned that a story Dow published on the Sustainable Brands website grabbed nearly 3 times more viewers and readers than the average. By and large, the audience is corporate leaders seeking sustainability news and ideas in their particular fields.  

How the U.S.’s Most Abundant Crop Is Changing the Way Plastic Is Produced is the title; is the site. Or click here for the story.  

In the weeks to come, look for a follow-up story titled, Engineering the Future of Sustainable Packaging in the U.S. Heartland by Tom Idle, Editor of Narrative Matters. Once again, New Energy Blue innovations point the way.